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Offer 1: Social Media

Do you use Social Medias like Xing and LinkedIn to contact potential future employees? NO? Then it is about time to do it!
We have been using Social Media for years now and we know the pros and cons. We think, as recruitment specialists, that we should concentrate on the special task and enhance you in how to use Social Media to find your candidates as quick and efficient as possible – it is surely not rocket science. What covers offer 1:

  1. Meet & Greet Social Media – about 30 Min.?
    We introduce you to Xing and LinkedIn and what is possible
    in their use.
  2. Functionality from Social media – about 60 to 90 Min.
    Theory: Based on our experience we show you what is the best
    way to search, introduce yourself and convince the possible future employee
    on replying on your contact requests.
  3. Recruitment with Social media – about 120 Min.
    Hands-on: We start searching possible future employees in collaboration
    with you and we get things going.


Preferable we do this education session at your desk – like this we know that everything works, you have the rights and permissions and you can store all the templates on your own computer. If this is not possible for any reason we can of course do it at our locality.
For offer 1 we charge CHF 160.-/per hour inclusive all training material. Transport at CHF 120.-/per hour.

Offer 2: Onsite Recruitment

Do you have a staff shortage in your personal recruitment department? If so we have very well-trained and experienced recruitment specialist who are ready to act as your staff member at your facility. We are flexible and we are able to help at very short notice. Just contact us!

Offer 3: HR Recruitment process consulting

We believe that over the years it is useful that extern specialists have a look at grown processes. We have been proven right in several occasions. Especially in recruitment and in the last few years, many new and potential alternative ways of recruitment and employer branding have changed on how we do business. We can show you how!